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So you’ve come this far. How can I be helpful? The good news about authors’ websites is that you need one. And you can work on setting it up before your novel is published or even written, when you’re tired of revising, or (if you don’t even have a first draft) of staring at a blank Word page.

I’ve tried a number of times to do get my own website. In order to gain some cred for getting into an MFA program ten years ago, I put together a book of short stories that I’d written over the years, and self-published them in a paperback I’d created on Putting that little paperback together (since I had the content) took only an afternoon. lt was fairly easy even for someone like me (semi-computer literate). With that book listed on Amazon plus some nonfiction books that I authored or coauthored during my day job, my presence on Amazon enabled me to create an Amazon website. That also took no more than a couple of hours. You can see the website by searching “Taeusch Amazon. But that wasn't good enough, obviously, because you're reading this on my new website. I''ll tell you how I got it in next post.

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But since that website was really more for Amazon than for me, or for future books, I wanted my own website. First I tried making my own on the granddaddy, WordPress. I got partway and then stalled. T


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