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But since that website was really more for Amazon than for me, or for future books, I wanted my own website. First I tried making my own on the granddaddy, WordPress. I got partway and then stalled. Too complicated though that was several years ago. Maybe they’re more user friendly now. Then I tried a couple of website designers. Expensive! Well over a thousand bucks and then monthly fees for website maintenance. Shopping around may help. One of my (as yet unpublished) writing buds took this route, and his site is great. Still a little pricey and designer no longer available. Take a look:

A month ago, I was reading a book about Israel’s discoveries and start-ups. Know what the first one was? A hand crank orange juicer. Still available. Read the book: The Israeli Mind by Galit Hemi and Sophie Shulman, translated by Baruch Gefen.

In the book, one of the start-ups was Wix, a free do-it-yourself website design app. I jumped on it, but then I became enmired in the design possibilities. The app had an easy way to sign up experts to help. I found Benny ( The app allows me and Benny to be on the phone and work together on the website. Benny does the job for less than 400 bucks. (But, yeah, there are monthly maintenance and add-on fees, but not oppressive) You’re reading this on the website. What do you think? Let Benny and me know. And no, I’m a user and in no way paid for this endorsement.

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