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Why Write? Especially When Times Are Confused, Tumultuous, and Scary III

At least two more reasons.

1. Community, Millions of folks these days are living in isolation, Isolation is generally bad for folks, as well as countries. Now isolation, social distancing, is better than the risk of contagion by being close. One way of combating isolation is maintaining community as well as one can with friends, family, clubs, and yes, writing groups. My writing group is soldering along using Zoom or Google hangout. We haven't been Zoombombed yet, but if it happens, I'm sure there's a story in it somewhere. If writing is your passion, then now (as before) is a good time to maintain or start your community of writers, There's a bunch on FaceBook, and presumably other places, Did you know you can hear TS Eliot reading his own stuff on YouTube? Whatpad is a place where (for free) you can drop some of your writing and see what response you get. Or if you're desperate (or not), send me an email from this website.

2. Legacy. We all feel we're immortal, and we all know that we're not. (I think that's a chrism. More about that stuff later). A friend of mine, a tall rabbi, when sandwiched into an economy seat on international flights, writes letters to his loved ones. Not that he really believes the plane will crash, (and if it did, would his notebook survive?) But he does it just to remind himself, and eventually his loved ones how he feels about them, especially if he's ever struck down on a Boeing flight, or by a nasty virus, We all want to leave something of value behind, and have our say about how we really felt about things. Writers are in an ideal position to do so,

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