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Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Today I was reading an old New York Times Book Review and found that Courtney Maum has written a book called Before and after the Book Deal. As if the title is not long enough, the subtitle is A Writer's Guide to Finishing, Publishing, Promoting, and Surviving Your First Book. The review says it's funny and candid, with 150 contributors including editors, film producers, agents, and least, but not last, authors

Damn. That's what I planned to do, or at least a microcosm thereof. Well of course I will read the book that she's edited. Maybe even read one of her novels to see if she really has the chops. If you have, let me know your opinion before I plank down the $ for it.

On reflection, there's good news. I can mine her stuff for this blog, for one thing. For another, we'll complement each other--she's at the end of the factory line, has done it all. I'm at the other end, an ephebe (look it up), just starting up (like you, gentle reader) and relating my findings, insights, and experiences to you fresh.

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