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10 Steps for Publishing Your New Novel

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

1. Write your novel.

2 Carry out developmental edit, line edit, and proof reading.

3. Find an agent.

3. Repeat step 2 with agent.

4. Tell agent you would prefer that one of these publishes your novel:

Penguin Random House (Annual revenue: $3.3 billion). Hachette Livre.

HarperCollins. Macmillan Publishers. Simon & Schuster (although only

800 million/year).

5. Tell agent not to call you so frequently.

6. Sign contract with one of the big five.

7. Repeat step 2, repeat step 2, repeat step 2 with publisher.

8. Deposit six figure advance.

9. Hire a Hollywood talent agency to handle your bookings.

10. Tell Oprah she needs to call your talent agency to schedule your appearance.

Finally notify Pamela Paul, editor of NY Times book review, that your book is in the mail, and then wake up and, finish step one.

For a really good time, read this :

How to write 2020’s Great American Novel, by Tyler Grant, Subtitled, Or, the Manic Pixie Inclusive Totally Woke Dream Manuscript,

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