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The New Novels: Reviewing the Revision Steps and Waiting for Q2 Sales

A trip to California and back, slipping between virus variants, has slowed appearance of this blog.

Now I'm daunted, not by having a nearly complete very first draft of the next book in the Eli Kurz MD NICU series, titled DiBene, but by the work involved with the next steps in making it a real book.

Also I'm waiting for the imminent second quarter sale's reports for Baby Doe. My guess is 100 copies sold including ebook and paperback. My hope is for 200. I'll let you know.

So I'm backing and forthing between next steps for marketing for Baby Doe, and revision of the first draft of DiBene.

These are the questions and next steps to bring to the first draft of DiBene.

First, is it a great story?

Second, is it well-told?

Third, is it meaningful?

Next. Two or three professional developmental edits for advice on structure, pacing, plot holes, and characterization.

A novel way to address these questions is to describe the book's story in two pages. Trying that.

Then fact checking and beta readers.

Then a copy editor /line editor

Then proof reading

Then design and formatting for ebook and trade paperback

Re marketing:

Baby Doe can be bought on Amazon

or Barnes and Noble.

Or if you happen to like Oregon, try Powell's humungous book store.

Or if you happen to be in Jerusalem, you can buy the paperback at Rehavia Book Store (rehaviabooks@gmail.com), on Emek Refai'im St.

Or you can buy it at Katamon Book Store on HaPalmach St (katamonbooks@gmail.com. Price is with no shipping cost.

These are two wonderful independent book stores in Jerusalem (Hebrew and English; new and used) run by a wife and husband team, David and Rachel.

Here's a pic of Baby Doe prominently displayed on the sales rack of best sellers that greets the customers when they walk into a Barnes and Noble in California, If you can't guess, ask me how that happened,

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