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Seeking Blurbs

I’m in the last throes of reviewing the final (hah!) proofed pdf for Baby Doe. The woke professional proofreader insists on capitalizing White as well as Black when referring to folks of those hues, even though my novel takes place in the medieval 1980's. I'm also waiting for a final looksee by a brilliant author and teacher who I’m thrilled will keep me from any monumental gaffes that I’d immortalize in a google universe. (Of course, she’lI say the book is a clunky but spirited first attempt at writing a novel, but there it is).

Meanwhile I’ve been trying to teach myself some marketing, (figuring out KDP Select vs. KDP Unlimited), work on the next novel, and organize my Baby Doe files that were, in a prior life, titled The Great American Novel and Products of Conception.

I’m also looking at the front matter and back covers of books, especially for the two or three line reviews (blurbs) from newspapers, magazines, or other authors that apparently will interest the browser sufficiently to head for the cashier with that book under her arm, or click the “buy now” button.

I'm old. I remember bookstores, libraries, blackboards, hell even brick and mortar schools.

Here's a couple of the many blurbs for Ann Packer’s recent book.

“In The Children’s Crusade, Ann Packer flawlessly executes the most daring, difficult and exhilarating feat in the novelist’s repertoire.”— MICHAEL CHABON, PULITZER PRIZE-WINNING AUTHOR OF TELEGRAPH AVENUE. (Like you have to say who MC is? Just the best author in the world, though I wonder what he's talking about--a double back flip off the high board?)

“In shimmering prose and with exceptional wisdom, Ann Packer … reveals the ways in which the past casts both shadow and light on the present.”— CHRISTINA BAKER KLINE, AUTHOR OF ORPHAN TRAIN.

So I just have to ask Michael or Christina for one their blurbs, right? I tried with John Irving. Back in time, I’d occupied the office of his father who, even further back in time, was chief of Obstetrics at Boston Lying In Hospital, If that tight connection shouldn’t earn me a blurb, what will? But here’s the email I got back.

Thanks so much for being in touch. Please know that our authors are very grateful to their readers. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of correspondence that comes for them (we represent over 75 authors--many of whom have millions of books in print), we cannot forward email or respond to any business unless it relates to a lecture or appearance, since we are a lecture agency. Otherwise we’d be forwarding scads of emails each day, and urgent business-related emails from us would get lost in the deluge.

Tut tut. The price of fame and glory, I guess authors are grateful for readers but not grateful for other wannabe authors looking for favors. For sure I’m reaching out to Ann Packer of exceptional wisdom! Shimmering prose? Mine reads like a freight train chugging up and over the Rockies. I’m also buying her book based on those blurbs,

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