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Money, Novels, Royalties

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Results are in for Q2 sales and royalties for Baby Doe, the new novel, which you can purchase here.

Paperback sales April 1-June 30 were 87. Retail price on Amazon was 15.95. Wholesaler price was about $10.06 and my royalties were 25% of the wholesale price for 87 books sold = my royalty of $219

Ebooks sales were 44. Retail price was about $10.00. Wholesaler price was $6.79 and my royalty was 50% of the wholesale price for 44 ebooks sold = my royalty of $149

TOTAL royalties for 131 books sold in quarter = $149 + 219 = $368 happily tucked away in my account,

Q3 is a bit of a mess because of my hodgepodge, helterskelter, and desultory attempts at advertising. Therefore I only hope to match Q2 sales, but I don't really expect to.

In Q4, I hope, no plan, to double the sales of Q2 somehow. That will be 262 books sold. Also I plan to have a really good draft of the next novel in the Baby Doe series completed.

You can email me your estimate of total ebook and paperback sales for Q4 and if more than 30 of you have responded with an email to with a guestimate, then 2) the person with the guesstimate closest to the actual combined sales total will get a chcck for $50. Only one guesstimate per person and no fair having everyone you know coordinate responses to get the fifty bucks to blow at the nearest bar.

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