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Immortalizing the Contest Winner

Once upon a time, a new author checked his book site on Amazon two or three times a day. It's been almost a month since publication. Hard to know what sales are like, but from the Amazon ranking of the book 900,000+ overall (meaning 900k books are selling better than mine) and slipping from 500+ early on to almost 2000 in medical fiction, the direction is not good. Baby Dough, not yet. But there are now two (2) posted reviews. One is from the WINNER of last week's blog that sought the next person to post a review, any review. And the winner is Benjamin Fishbein, who I can name, a) because he is the undisputed WINNER, and b) the prize is to allow the use of his name for a character in the next book in the NICU series. and c) if you become friends with him on Facebook you can learn a bit about him and follow his posts.

Let me back up a bit. I'm talking about the book, Baby Doe, by yours truly, which is about a mom in 1984 who has a baby... I'll let Benjamin tell you.

Here's his winning review.

"I never wrote a book review before (even school book reports I avoided when possible) but I feel compelled to write about Baby Doe, to share this book with whoever will listen/read. It kept me up all night. Not like a screaming infant keeps you up, though. It kept me up in a good way. I wanted to know what would happen next. Pages turn, dawn arises, birds chirp, and if you're a slow reader, you call in sick to work. Baby Doe immerses us in the world of a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), a vivid passionate world, totally verisimilitudinous yet never confusing the reader with technical medical jargon. You don't need to be a doctor or nurse to read this. A NICU might sound scary, and it is, yet the author never goes for the cringe, never for the wince, preferring to go for the heartstrings rather than a shudder. This book may cause you to be shed many a tear. I personally, being a man, do not cry, but if I did, this would be the work of art to cause such tears. Buyer Beware: The books sticks to your mind and heart long after you finish the last page."

Now after reading that here's how you may buy the book from anywhere in the world (ebook for sure, trade paperback adds shipping costs), and who wouldn't want to after reading that review. Here's how you do it. Just click on the link HERE. And when you finish, try to outdo Ben on your review.

Thanks Ben. Your character is already written into the first draft of the next book. He's an MD, smart, nice, excellent at substituting for Eli while he's been away, loved by the medical trainees he supervises, happy, and very likely to take Eli's job away from him. Sound like you?

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