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Book Cover!

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Progress! The umpteenth draft is ready to go for a line edit. Here's the latest blurb. Thirty-four-year-old Sophia Shulder, a newly minted assistant professor of biochemistry, is on the fast track for an academic career. Babies? Maybe later, but after falling pregnant, her misgivings lessen only when lab results, including an amniocentesis, indicate her fetus is fine. And yet a day after delivery of an apparently normal newborn, she and her husband, Martin, hear that that their infant has Down syndrome and several life-threatening birth defects. The hospital staff insists on immediate, risky, surgeries. In shock, Sophia and Martin balk at consenting for the surgery. Meanwhile seemingly the whole world--reporters, medical trainees, nurses, clergy, lawyers and prosecutors, even the angry lab tech who made the error on Sophia’s amnio--has an opinion on what should happen. The Reagan administration plans Baby Doe rules that threaten prosecution of anyone suspected of withholding treatment from any newborn with birth defects, and the hospital initiates legal proceedings that will force surgery. Though Sophia finally realizes that no decision is worse than choosing between a probably blighted life, or certain death for her newborn infant, her decision may have come too late.

And here is the first choice for the cover, and two runner ups. Take a guess at my first choice, and let me know which would be your first choice,

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