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Another Next New Novel

Will be published in next month or so. Above is the front cover, and here's a draft of back cover verbiage:

A troubled doctor, an addicted mother, and the newborn that bonds them. Meet Dr. Eli Kurz—attending neonatologist at Boston South Hospital with a career-threatening hand tremor that he treats with narcotics. When he's called in for an emergency delivery of a premature baby, the senior resident has just "called the code," but Eli manages to resuscitate the newborn. Not your everyday heroin addict, the mother of baby Julian, Sula Ash, is a Harvard graduate and HIV-positive. During the months of Julian's NICU stay, Eli and Sula are drawn to each other. When the corrupt social services department demands custody of the baby, Eli becomes complicit with Sula in an attempt to save Julian once more. 


When a premature baby and his troubled mother, Sula, enter his care, Dr. Eli Kurz's professional boundaries blur. As he forms an unexpected alliance with Sula, his loyalty to hospital protocols and ethical standards wavers. This medical drama explores the complexities of healthcare, personal ethics, and the resilience of the human spirit. Saving Julian is a poignant tale that will resonate with anyone who has ever questioned the limits of professional duty and the power of human connection.

Gila Green, author of With A Good Eye and White Zion 


So much to like and admire: a primer for the harrowing world of the neonatal ICU; a pitch-perfect evocation of setting and place; terrific well-rendered scenes; a pervasive intelligence; a couple of deliciously skewerable characters; the frequent compellingly-flawed characters; suitably important medical fiction--and a pleasurable and provocative read from first page to last. --Tom Tribitsch Parker, author of Anna Ann Annie and Small Business.


H. William Taeusch has worked and taught in neonatal ICU's in Montreal, Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. His short stories have appeared in Ilanot, Manhattan Literary Review, Israel Short Stories, Indiana Review, Wimpole Street Gazette, Jewish, and Gold Man Review. Baby Doe and DiBene's Offer are the first two novels in the neonatal ICU series. He swims, bikes, writes, and lives in Jerusalem, Israel. 


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