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10 Ways Writing a Novel Is Like Making Sourdough Bread

Why would anyone read drivel with a title like this? All over the web there are 10 Ways to Lose Weight, 10 Ways to Have Great Sex, 10 Ways to Get Rich, 10 Ways to Make Anything get my drift.

I have no good answer for you, but by reading this blog you could win the contest entitled ONE WAY TO GET FAMOUS!

Since Baby Doe was published on March 1, (yes, here's the link to BUY THE BOOK on Amazon), I have been puttering around with how to market it. One of the best ways (I've learned) is to haveAmazon reviews for the book, lot's of them.

Despite my shameless self-promotion with friends and social media, I've garnered only ONE Amazon review in three weeks. Never mind it was a "global" five-star review, but it was posted anonymously with no verbiage added (and no, I didn't post it).

So here's how to get famous. Really. The first one (I guess it will be second) to publish an Amazon review will win the privilege of my using your first name, or last name, or whole name for a character (good, bad, or indifferently moral) in DiBene, the current title for the next book in the NICU series that starts with Baby Doe.

Reviews for the ebook are also posted under the paperback and vice versa, so to win the contest you only have to buy (and read) the ebook, then be the first to post a review (good, bad, or indifferent--up to you).

You could be immortalized! Of course, if you happen to win this contest you may choose NOT to have your name so used. Whatever. I'm the sole arbiter of this contest's rules both pre hoc and post hoc.

Sorry, this blog post got away from me. The pic illustrates my view of marketing. So far as I know, marketing does not (yet) play a role in NIH grant applications.

What's with the sourdough bread? I guess that will have to wait until the next post.

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