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I've written a novel. That's the good news. Not published. That's the bad news, Had an agent who couldn't find a publisher for it. That's the other good news (found an agent). The other bad news is obvious. Truth be told I've written two novels. They're part of a series that feature my feckless doppelgänger, Dr Eli Kurz.


This blog will tell the story that goes back sixty years when I was a college senior who dropped out of Physics 1 and transferred to Physics for English majors . Why? Because I'd received my acceptance to medical school. There will be digressions about my successes and failures, good advice and bad advice that I've stumbled upon, Ulysses-like, along the way.

About Bill

For over thirty years, the author has been immersed in the drama of NICU’s in settings as diverse as Boston Children’s Hospital and Martin Luther King Jr. County Hospital in Los Angeles He is an authority in the field of neonatology, having published leading textbooks in the field and hundreds of research papers. He graduated from Harvard College with honors in English, and more recently completed an MA in English and creative writing from Bar-Ilan University in Israel. Taeusch has studied fiction writing at Squaw Valley Community of Writers, UC-Berkeley, and Harvard, and with Tom Jenks, Joan Leegant, Risa Miller, and Tom Parker. Ten of his short stories have been published. He lives in Oakland, California and Jerusalem, Israel.


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